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2nd Festival of SPARKLING WINE to SARRAL - July 2014




On July 4, 2014 at 23:30 pm will celebrate the 2nd Festival of sparkling wine on the premises of the Cooperative Sarral. This product, sparkling wine, wine is a star of our house and as such deserves a ceremony to highlight their importance. Sparkling wine is fermented with natural distinguishing feature of most sparkling wines on the market today. 
To accompany the party have us Papagayo music group, a group that will liven up the evening with music they defined as carefree music that moves between cumbia, reggae and ska with a festive and cheerful. Then we accompany a DJ.

Day: 4 de juliol de 2014
Time: 23:30 horas
Place: Plaça de la Cooperativa de Sarral
Location: Sarral

We hope you all!